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Bayt Al Dana

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Bayt Al Dana


Levant Cuisine for Food Lovers


Dine at Bayt Al Dana

Bayt Al Dana Restaurant offers a warm and purely unique dining experience. Led by Chef – Mohsen. Bayt Al Dana offers Classic & Modern blended on One plate of Levant Food thoughts that match with our Culinary Team vision

Open for lunch and dinner Bayt Al Dana welcomes you with old-world charm in the form of antique interior design, combined with luxurious modern furniture. A look and feel that is truly Bayt Al Dana. We welcome you to join us and step into the world of Bayt Al Dana.


Explore Our Menu


  • Foul NabitQR 18

Boiled Fava Beans, Cumin Powder, Dash Of Lemon, Vegetables, Served With Fresh Bread.

  • BalilaQR 18

Boiled Chickpeas, Cumin Powder, Dash of Lemon, Vegetables, Served with Fresh Bread.

  • Foul MudammasQR 18

Slow Cooked Fava Beans Served, Served with Condiments, Vegetables and Fresh Bread.

  • Mix Cheese PlatterQR 45

Arabic Cheese Selection, Vegetables, Served with Fresh Bread

Starters & Salads

  • LabnehQR 18

Labneh, Fresh Mint, Dressed with Olive Oil and Green Olive

  • BalaleetQR 18

Noodles Cooked, Sugar, Cinnamon,Saffron, Cardamom, Garnished with a Fresh Omelet.

  • Eggs As You LikeQR 35

Your Choice from the Egg’s Selection Sunny Side, Scrambled Eggs, Choice of Meat, Sujok or Awarma Eggs & Vegetable Shakshuka.

From the Oven

  • Manakeesh ZaatarQR 20

Oven Baked Pie, Olive Oil & Dry Thyme.

  • Manakeesh Zaatar, LabnehQR 20

Oven Baked Pie, Labneh & Dry Thyme.

  • Manakeesh JibnahQR 32

Oven Baked Pie, Mixed with White Cheese, Fresh Parsley and Sesame Seeds.

  • Manakeesh SpinachQR 20

Oven Baked Pie, Fresh Spinach Onions & Sumac

Middle Eastern Oven Baked Pies Served with Vegetable Platter.

  • Manakeesh MahamarrahQR 20

Oven Baked Pie, Mixed with Red Onion, Tomato, Chili Paste, Olive Oil.

  • Sfeyha LahmehQR 20

Oven Baked Pie With Blended Mincemeat,Pine Seeds,Pomegranate Molasses

  • Manakeesh KoftaQR 36

Oven Baked Pie, Blended Kofta, Fresh Vegetables, Pomegranate Molasses.

Cold Mezza

  • Fresh Vegetable PlatterQR 16

Daily Picked Fresh Vegetables

  • HummusQR 22

Blended Chickpeas, Tahina, Drizzled with Lemon and Olive Oil.

  • Hummus AwarmaQR 30

Blended Chickpeas, Braised Minced Lamb.

  • Hummus, Meat & Pine NutsQR 30

Blended Chickpeas, Lamb Cuts and Pine Seeds.

  • MutableQR 20

Homemade Smoked Eggplant With Tahina And Lemon.

  • Vine Leaves In OilQR 20

Homemade Rolls,Levant Mix,Lemon, Pomegranate Dressing.

Homemade Cold Starter Prepared with Fresh Ingredients.

  • Baba GhanoushQR 20

Homemade Smoked Eggplant, Fresh Vegetables.

  • Horaa OsbaoQR 20

Slow Cooked Lentil,Pomegranate Molasses Topped With Olive Oil And Crispy Golden Fried Dough.

  • Marinated Halloumi CheeseQR 20

Greek Halloumi Marinated in Olive Oil and Fresh Herbs.

  • Lobia Bil ZaitQR 20

Fresh Green Lobia Cooked in Olive Oil and Garnished with Fresh Coriander.

  • Hendbah Bil ZaitQR 24

Fresh Green Dandelion Leaves Cooked in Olive Oil and Drizzled with Lemon.

  • Muhammara JozQR 24

Walnuts Mixed with Chili Paste & Pomegranate Molasses Topped with Olive Oil.

Hot Mezza

  • NaknekQR 34

Homemade Blended Mixture of Meat, Vegetables Mixed and Secret Spices.

  • SujokQR 34

Spicy Sausages Blended with Garlic and Tomato.

  • Lamb Cubs (Ras Asfor)QR 34

Hand-Cut Lamb Slowly Cooked and Garnished with Pomegranate & Sour Cherry.

  • Chicken PestoQR 34

Chicken Breast Cuts Sautéed and Blended with Fresh Basil Pesto and Olive Oil.

  • Chicken LiverQR 34

Fresh Chicken Liver Sautéed, Pomegranate Sauce.

  • Shrimps ProvencalQR 60

Shrimps Cooked Slightly, Sautéed Garlic Mixed with Fresh Herbs and Tomato Concasse.

  • Calamari ProvencalQR 42

Fresh Calamari Rings Garnished with Sautéed Basil, Garlic and Tomato Concasse.

Sizzling Your Table, Hot Mezza from our Fresh Finest Ingredients.

  • Crispy Fried Chicken WingsQR 30

Crispy Fried Chicken Wing Toasted with Lemon and Garlic.

  • Al Dana FalafelQR 24

Crispy Chickpea Special Recipe Falafel Served with Tahina Dip & Pickles.

  • Fried Meat KibbehQR 24

Minced Lamb with Middle Eastern Spices Served as Patties.

  • Potatoes ProvencalQR 24

Crispy, Cut Potato Cubes Sautéed with Garlic & Lemon.

  • Cheese Roll-RokakatQR 24

Golden Fry Filo Pastry Filled with Arabic Creamy Cheese & Chopped Parsley.

  • Fatteh LabanQR 24

Crispy Bread with Yogurt Mixed with Lemon, Garlic, Served with Cuts of Fresh Lamb or Shrimps.


  • TabboulehQR 28

Super Fresh Parsley, Bulgur, Mixed, Tomato, Red Onion.

  • FattouchQR 28

A Traditional Levantine Fresh Salad, Crispy Pita Bread Served, Lemon, Pomegranate Dressing.

  • Rocca, ThymeQR 28

A Tangy Tasty Salad Made with Crispy, Fresh Rocca & Thyme Mixed with Diced Onion Seasoned with Lemon and Olive Oil.

It Takes Four Men to Dress a Salad. A Wise Man for the Salt, A Madman for the Pepper, A Miser for the Vinegar, A Spendthrift for the Oil.

  • Beetroot & Feta CheeseQR 28

Contrasting Flavors from Fresh Beet, Toasted Greek Feta, Cilantro, Lemon and Olive Oil.

  • Zaalouk SaladQR 28

Moroccan Style Cooked Eggplant, Tomato & Olive Oil.

  • Laban, CucumberQR 20

Thick Yogurt, Cucumber, Dry Mint.

From the Grill

  • Grilled Lamb ChopsQR 70

3 Lamb Chops Marinated, Garlic, Olive Oil.

  • Grilled Lamb SkewersQR 70

2 Skewers Lamb Loin Seasoned In Crushed Black Pepper, Olive Oil.

  • Grilled Shish TawookQR 55

Skewers Minced Lamb Mixed, Parsley, Onion, Garlic,Slight Fresh Chili.

  • Grilled Kabbab, EggplantsQR 55

3 Skewers of Kabbab, Baby Eggplant.

Grilling Means Good Times, Good Friends, Hopefully, Great Food.

  • Arays Al Dana Bil SajQR 55

Fresh Saj Filled with Mixture of Minced Lamb, Vegetables Served with Pomegranate Sauce, Pine Seeds.

  • Mix GrilledQR 70

Selection of Skewers, Grilled Tomato, Onion.

  • Grilled Half ChickenQR 45

Marinated Boneless Chicken Served with Fresh Fries and Garlic Mayo.

Qatari Traditional Food

Qatari Cuisine Made With Local Ingredients

  • Qatari Lamb MashbosQR 65

Prepared with Great Care with Fresh Lamb, Tasteful Rice and Served with Daqoos.

  • Hammour Mashwai, RiceQR 110

Marinated Grilled Hammour Served on Rice, Chili, Tomato Sauce.

  • MarqouqQR 50

Hearty Qatari Stew of Lamb, Vegetables, Served with Whole-Wheat Flat Bread.

  • MadroubaQR 50

Madrouba Is a Savory Dish Made with Rice Mixed with Lamb and Vegetables.

Sawani Bl Foren

Oven Style Cooked Food in Clay Pots,Trays.

  • Kofta Bil SanayahQR 65

Mincemeat Flatted in Try Cooked In Oven, Slices of Potatoes, Tomatoes Topped With a Light Tomato Sauce.

  • Chicken Potato Bil SanayahQR 45

Chicken, Potatoes Baked in an Oven with Lemon Garlic and Fresh Coriander.

  • Samak Bil SanayahQR 45

Fish Fillet Coated in Tahina Dip Oven Baked and Topped with Fried Onions and Pine Seeds.

Arabic Dishes

Cooking in Style from Traditional Old Days Recipes

  • Seyadiya SamakQR 65

Flavorful Fish, Rice, Crunchy Fried Onion, Sour Baqdonsiah Dip.

  • Smoked Freekeh, Lamb ShankQR 65

Green Wheat Topped, Draised Lamb Served with Yogurt and Cucumber Salad.

  • Royal CouscousQR 65

Traditional Dish Made from Chicken / Shrimps Couscous Topped Root Vegetables and Boiled Chickpeas.

  • Kibbeh Bil LabanQR 65

Fried Kibbeh Added to Yogurt Stew, Fresh Mint Sauteed in Ghee.


Selection of Moroccan Tajines Cooked by the Specialty Chef.

  • Chicken TajineQR 55

Chicken Cooked with Moroccan Saffron and Served with Lemon Pickle.

  • Lamb TagineQR 80

Lamb Cubes Braised with Cumin and Served with Sugary Dry Plums.

  • Shrimp TagineQR 85

Jumbo Shrimp Cooked with Saffron, Basil and Garlic, Garnished with Olive Oil.


  • Muhallabeh, Jalap SyrupQR 22

Milk Pudding Served, Jalap Syrup.

  • Kunafa Bil AshtaQR 22

Angel Hair Topped with Ashta Cream and Sugar Syrup Ghazal Al Banat.

  • Ghazal Al Banat, Arabic Ice CreamQR 22

Arabic Cotton Topped with Arabic Ice Cream Garnished with Crushed Pistachio Qatari Dates Pudding.

  • Qatari Dates Pudding, Saffron, CardamomQR 22

Dates Pudding Made from Local Dates Infused with Cardamom & Saffron Flavors.

Selection of Authentic Arabian Desserts

  • Oven Baked Umm AliQR 30

Arabic Version of Bread Pudding Baked in Oved, Raisins, Cinnamon Power Arabic Ice Cream.

  • Arabic Ice Cream, Crushed NutsQR 40

Flavorful Vanilla Ice Cream Served with Crushed Pistachio.

  • Fresh Fruits PlatterQR 30

Selection of Seasonal Fresh Fruit.

  • Arabic Sweet PlaterQR 30

Gourmet Platter of Fine Arabic Sweets.


Bayt Al Dana Restaurant

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